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For the equine athlete, fluid biomechanics is vital to their everyday life, happiness and ultimately their performance. Lameness work is of particular interest and specialty to us here at Peak Performance Equine. We find it very rewarding. My goal is to keep the patient moving forward comfortably and the client happily in the saddle with continued opportunity to excel at their chosen discipline.

Lameness is any abnormality in any gait or stance, usually caused by pain, illness, or injury of sort.

There are a variety of causes, so a thorough examination is necessary to determine the issue. We have vast experience treating lameness cases all over the country, so rest assured that your horse is in good hands.

If your horse is dealing with lameness issues or any sort of performance or mobility problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (503) 403-9617 in Oregon or California, and (208) 805-0656 in Idaho. You can also email us at DrCierra@gmail.com for the next available appointment time in your area.